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The Provider:

• is she welcoming and friendly?

• how long has she been doing child care?

• how many children are cared for in the environment?

• what type of education/training does she have?

• does she attend workshops and agency training?

• does she have Emergency Child Care First Aid?

• what "out of home" activites will the children be participating in, if any?

The Home:

• is it clean, cheerful and bright?

• is it warm and inviting?

• is there adequate space?

• where are the toys stored? Is there adequate quantity and variety?

• how often are the toys checked for repairs?

• where do the children nap?

• where are the medications stored?

• where are the cleaners stored?

• are there plug covers in accessible power outlets?

• are there safety devices available (fire extinguisher and smoke detectors)

• are emergency numbers posted near the phone?

• are exits easily reached and unobstructed?

• what type of meals and snacks are served?

• do meals and snacks follow Canada's Food Guide?

• is the menu plan posted?

• how are special diets handled?

• is the programming plan posted?

• is there child art displayed?

• are field trips and special events planned?

• is outdoor play space safe?

• are there any pets? How are they with children?


• what are her child managment (discipline) strategies?

• what are her policies about "too ill to be in care"?

• are parents welcome to visit at any time?

• what are her policies for administering medications?

• what is her emergency action plan?

• how much notice is needed for vacation or days away?

• how much notice is needed to terminate child care?

• how often are toys and equipment disinfected?

• are the children transported? How is this managed?

• what are her policies for handwashing?

Expectations of the Parent:

• diapers?

• diaper wipes?

• blankets?

• extra clothing?

• special diet?


Do You See...

• does the provider seem to enjoy her job?

• is she enthusiastic and positive?

• are the children happy?

• does the provider relate to the children in a positive manner?

• does she speak to the children at their level and in clear understandable language?

• does she call the children by name?

• are the children treated with warmth and affection?

• are the children encouraged to do things for themselves?