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CHILD CARE FEES (Effective September 1, 2015):

Regular Preschool Care (4+ days per month)

• children over 19 months
• Monday to Friday
• 5 - 9.75 hours of care per day
• hours of care between 6am and 6pm
• half day rate (less than 5 hours)


$26.00/half day

Extended Hours of Care

• contracted 10+ hours per day


Shift Care

• contracted before 6am, or after 6pm, or weekends


Infant Care (+4 days per month)

• under 19 months of age (5 - 9.75 hours)
• half day rate (less than 5 hours)

Note: if an infant is using extended hours or shift care hours, parents will be charged the extended or shift care rate.


$27.00/half day

Casual Care - Infant, Preschool and School Age

• 3 days or less
• All casual care will be billed at full day rate.


Monthly Monitoring Fee

Note: Agency monitoring fees will be added on to fees after daily rate calculation has been completed.
Example of parent fee calculation: 20 days x $39.00/day = $780.00 + $25.00 monitoring fee = $805.00

Note: Day is defined as 5+ hours.
Half day is defined as less than 5 hours.
(Half day rate is half of the full day rate)



Thank you for your consideration and if you have any questions please feel free to contact your agency.