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The philosophy of Razzle Dazzle Child Care Center (2005) Ltd. and Kids Konnection is to provide quality childcare with an in-home, play-based learning environment for every individual child.

We will advocate learning through play and act to ensure the development of a positive self-concept, for every one involved.

It is our intent to provide play experiences to stimulate children socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually and creatively.

We recognize each child is unique and he or she has different abilities, which enable every child to attain independence at their own rate of development.

1. All families are entitled to quality childcare

2. Childcare options must be available to parents of all income levels

3. Those who deliver childcare must be accountable for the quality of service they provide

4. Effective communications between all parties involved in a quality childcare arrangement is essential

5. A quality childcare program nurtures the WHOLE child, including social, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional development

6. A quality childcare program provides a physically and psychologically safe environment for children to explore, learn and grow in

7. A quality program, nutritious meals and snacks, a healthy and safe environment, one-on-one positive interactions, stability and consistency of childcare are essential components of a quality childcare program

8. A provider knowledgeable in Early Childhood Development, enthused about on-going training, personal development and growth in an essential asset to a quality childcare program

9. Agency support and monitoring of the essential components of care are neccessary to ensure quality

10. Recognition and accommodation of individuality (child, parent and provider), ensures success for all parties in a childcare agreement.

11. The well-being of every child begins with the well-being of the family unit

12. Families who have identified their unique, individual childcare needs have a right to see these needs met in a professional, affordable manner

13. Families need to be treated with respect and dignity